An Orchestra of Human Voices

Six brothers arrived in Branson, Mo. in 2007 and promptly began to amaze audience with their showmanship. Their intense and electrifying stage presence, coupled with their powerhouse vocals, created an experience that is unmatched by any in the area.

Barry, Kevin, Lynn, Jak, Owen, and Curtis Knudsen are six real brothers whose father, Arnold, saw their musical talent when they were young. They could make up songs and harmonies without instruction, and Arnold began teaching them church hymns. Not long after , the boys started performing at rotary clubs, talent contests, community concerts, and more. Their national television debut came after three years of hard work, and the Knudsen brothers were hooked on performing.

They moved to southern California to try and make it on their own. Once they scraped together enough for an apartment, their work began to pay off. They performed at A-list parties before stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Joel Silver, and more.

Now they are in Branson, and performing for thousands every year. Their claim to fame is how they make music. Dubbed β€œAn Orchestra of Human Voices,” SIX performs songs using only their voices. No instruments, no artificial sound effects – just voice. In their seventh year in Branson, SIX has continued to captivate audiences with their music and their stories. Their current playlist includes everything from Elvis to Frankie Vallie, from the Beach Boys to MC Hammer.

SIX performs from March to December six days per week. The SIX Christmas Show is also part of the fun at this electrifying show. During November and December, you can enjoy all of your favorite Christmas songs in the a cappella style of SIX.

Make sure to book your tickets to see SIX – the six brothers who entertain and astound audiences with only their voices.

To get an idea of what SIX in Branson offers, watch this quick video of them visiting Thousand Hills Golf Course.

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