Branson has been dubbed the “Live Music Capital” for good reason. From Broadway show tunes to country to hits from the 70s, Branson has it all.

One of the theaters that showcases some great talent in a variety of musical genres is RFD-TV Theater. This theater, located on the famed Highway 76, is home to a host of acts that boast some of Branson’s best talent.

The Haygoods are just one of the famous families that perform at the RFD-TV Theater. The seven siblings showcase their talents on their instruments. Between them, they play 20 instruments. Tight harmonies and energizing choreography bring audiences to their feet with the Haygoods taking center stage. They play a variety of genres and artists, including Train, the Zac Brown Band, and the Eagles.

The well-known Marty Stuart has also made a home in Branson at the RFD-TV Theater. With his band, the Fabulous Superlatives, Stuart is continuing to make a name for himself with his infectious enthusiasm and music. He made his name in the 90s when he combined rockabilly, honky tonk, and traditional country music. Today, he is headlining The Marty Stuart Show and delighting audiences while he’s at it.

Another of Branson’s favorite shows is The Roy Rogers Jr. Show. Roy Rogers has become known as the King of the Cowboys, and his son and grandson carry on his legacy with this tribute show. Roy Rogers Jr. and his band, the High Riders, play music like that of the original Sons of the Pioneers. Dustin Roy Rogers, Roy Rogers’ grandson, also joins his dad Roy Jr. onstage to help carry on the cowboy tradition in this wonderful show.

Buck Trent is another famous name that has come to Branson. His morning show is filled with classic country, bluegrass, and gospel music, plus some knee-slapping comedy. Along with the musical talent of Trent is the talents of vocalists Kenny Parrott and Terri Williams, and the rest of their cast.

A new addition to RFD-TV Theater is the 70s Music Explosion show, starring Barry Williams. You might recognize Williams from his recent show The Brady Lunch at the Yakov Smirnoff Theater, or from the hit television show The Brady Bunch. Williams takes a trip back in time to an era that was filled with changes in pop culture. The show features country, rock, fold, and disco tunes, plus a live band and cast of talented singers and dancers.

A final offering at RFD-TV Theater is JEERK. JEERK is a high energy, personal, and unique experience. Anything becomes an instrument in this show, where four talented young men sing and dance through a show filled with tap beats, percussion, song, and visual effects. JEERK won the Branson Critics’ Award for Best Show while performing at The Hughes Brothers Theater for the 2010-2011 season.

If you’re looking for a variety of show options in Branson, look no further than RFD-TV Theater. With classic country, pop, rock, hits of the 70s, gospel, and bluegrass mixed into all of the shows, you and your family will be delighted with what RFD-TV Theater has to offer. To get tickets for any of the shows at RFD-TV Theater or more information, visit their website at You can also call 417-322-2344 for information or tickets.