Branson in May Has Many Important Festivals and Events

Branson in May is the place to be for people who want to be in the midst of a festival crowd. Branson conducts festivals all round the year but May brings out some unique celebratiosn not found anywhere else. Because of the surrounding lakes and mountains the warm weather of May brings out the tourists who had been staying home for the winter. But Branson in May is when the city begins to shine!

In the month of May, there are a number of events and festivals that are memorable experiences for the returning visitors. Some of the important events in the month of May include World-Fest at Silver Dollar City, the Branson Motorcycle rally and Plumb Nellie days.

World-Fest is one of the premier festivals in Branson and is held in the month of May (Actually this event starts in the month of April and goes on til the end of May, but who’s counting!). During the two month period, Americans can get a taste of the international culture and international cuisine right in the heart of the midwest. For the whole period, visitors find Silver Dollar City decorated in a manner that reflects the world’s diverse culture and tradition. Visitors could find the miniature models of architecture used in Mexico, Scotland, Israel and Greece. All of Silver Dollar City’s entertainment centers such as the theaters and restaurants turn into a location providing cuisine of that region and screening movies from that region. So for th emonth of May in Branson, guests feel as if they are transported to different places of the world.

If you’re looking for more traditional Branson celebrations then you’re in luck as well. Plumb Nellie days will be held for 2 days in the month of May in Historic Downtown Branson. This celebration has been held for the last 51 years, during which craftspeople from across the country will assemble at downtown Branson and exhibit their wares.

Another important event during the month of May is the Annual Motorcycle Rally. The annual Motorcycle rally will be held in the Mansion Theatre Entertainment Complex. Visitors can see a number of live bands and a collection of various types of motorcycles during the rally. Visitors can also enjoy musical shows at discounted prices.

Branson in May brings all the excitement of summer (but hopefully without all the heat!) so start planning your after school vacation to Branson!

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