A Branson January Is Still a Hot Time To Visit!

In the past, Branson in January could be a touchy proposition. However, visiting Branson, Missouri during January these days is not only a good idea, some people swear by it! Unlike some other travel destinations, the Branson area has many different attractions that are open year round to keep tourists entertained and enthralled in a number of activities. And thanks to the winter season, many of the crowds you might associate with the area don’t show up for Branson in January!

One of the popular Jan. events you can attend include honoring American veterans with the remembrance of the signing of the Vietnam Peace Accord in 1973. Each year in January, there’s a ceremony/dinner that accompanies the honor. The war is known as the longest and most controversial war, in which America was involved. It’s a standing tradition that remains sacred especially to those that fought in the war, and to the town of Branson which takes honoring and remembering our Veteran’s seriously.

Another Branson tradition is the annual ice sculpting event held at the world famous Titanic museum. It’s a great place to delve into the history of the ship and its passengers. The ice sculpting event held every January is free and features some of the best ice sculptors in the world competing on a theme. Just remember to bring your coat!

Of course, not all museum’s are the same–another great January Brandon destination is the always unpredictable Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Museum. This quirky museum offers a lot of fun facts about different time periods and artifacts that made the Ripley name infamous. It’s definitely a great place to see some of the oddities as well as some advancements in the way our understanding of the world has changed over the years.

Everything is at a slower pace during a Branson January, so in the vein many choose to visit Branson’s historic downtown district, where there are a number of shopping places to just enjoy an evening with the family. Other shoppers paradises are open and warm including the Branson Landing, Tanger Outlet, Imax Shopping Complex and The Shoppes at Branson Meadows.

So now that you know why you should visit Branson in January, why not book your stay at Thousand Hills & come on down? The weather might be cold, but the excitement of Branson is anything but!

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