Bring Your Kids To Silver Dollar City Kids Fest Festival!

Silver Dollar City’s kids fest festival, held each summer, is Americas greatest summer travel destination. From fascinating street shows and fabulous entertainment to thrilling roller coaster rides, there is surely some fun for everyone in the family at the National KidsFest.

Built new in 2011, Half Dollar Holler is a child’s wilderness wonderland. With its tree-top playhouses, climbing-nets and sandboxes, Half Dollar Holler offers little explorers a world of adventure. Half Dollar Holler, located across from Frisco Silver Dollar Line Train Depot, is specially designed for youngsters 7 and under with kid-safe entry ways and kid-friendly constructions.

Each year at the Silver Dollar City KidsFest one can see spectacular shows designed to entertain the entire family. There is also larger-than-life size versions of children’s most favorite cartoon characters available for them to meet such as Spongebob, Dora and Diego, Tom and Jerry and the Flintstones to name a few.

Silver Dollar City has over 30 rides and attractions for persons of any age. Rides including The Giant Swing, The Wildfire and The Powderkeg offer exciting, spine-tingling fun for every member of the family. For those who want to cool off from the summer heat, there are water rides such as The Riverblast and Lost River of the Ozarks. The Grand Exposition offers 10 family rides that the whole family will love. Finally, for the youngest members of the family, Geyser Gulch, offers adventures beyond the child’s wildest dreams.

Evening entertainment includes dancing at the Nightly Street Dances and the extended ride hours for the Moonlight Madness held during late July through early August. Each night; excluding Mondays, before the park closes, there is a live presentation of the popular TV show, GAC Nights in Echo Hollow.

All of this and so much more awaits at Silver Dollar City’s annual KidsFeset. From the live entertainment and larger-than-life cartoon characters to the exciting rides and the adventurous children’s play places, Silver Dollar City is the perfect summer vacation getaaway for any family.

Silver Dollar City