Bluegrass & Barbecue: An astounding music and food extravaganza

Looking for a treat for all your senses? Come and have fun at the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival hosted by Silver Dollar City Theme Park! Two classic American traditions come to life in Branson, Missouri every year as the fiddles and the grills get fired up to celebrate two truely unique artforms.

The Bluegrass portion of the Bluegrass & BBQ festival features more than 50 bands giving hundreds of performances throughout the 16 days of the festival. From all across the country Bluegrass musicians and singers come here to perform. Traditional Bluegrass is the folk music of America that is largely influenced by the ancestors of early settlers. The rhythms portray an African influence, whereas the Irish and Scots influence can be heard in the addition of fiddle music. This festival aims at bringing both the country’s contemporary and traditional groups to perform at a common platform. This helps in keeping the traditional forms of music alive in the hearts of the young and old alike. Crossover artists like Grascals and Rhonda Vincent capture the younger generation’s imagination while traditional music can also be enjoyed via bands like ˜Nothing Fancy and Dailey and Vincent.

Of course you can’t have Bluegrass and Barbecue wihtout the Barbecue! Rhe American BBQ creations that are covered are truely sumptuous and mouth watering. One can get the opportunity to taste more than 300 BBQ sauces at the House of BBQ. And don’t miss the wide range of BBQ creations to choose from that reads like a tour of America: Memphis-style dry rub ribs, Carolina pulled pork, Texas-style beef brisket and Kansas City smoked chicken. The finest grill companies are there who present an awesome backyard display of cooking power and equipment. BBQ experts of national fame teach award winning styles of BBQ with tips that are easy to follow and retain for the backyard chefs. The visitors also get the opportunity to judge the People’s Choice BBQ Sauce Contest in Bottleneck Brothers Sauce Shack by tasting hundreds of sauces and flavors.

The Bluegrass and BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City is a special treat for the senses and Branson visitors would be hard pressed to decide which was hotter: the stage, or the grill!

Silver Dollar City