There are many interesting uses for wax – like candles, for instance. Historically, letters were sealed with a drop of wax and marked with a stamp before mailing. Wax can be used to treat sticking door jambs, or added to candy confections to create a solid chocolate coating. But what about a whole museum devoted to wax? More specifically, a Hollywood wax museum? For an interesting look at what wax can do, visit Branson, Missouri’s Hollywood Wax Museum!

Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum, opened in the 1990s and located on Highway 76, is a difficult attraction to miss, what with a replica similar to Mount Rushmore but with Hollywood stars instead of presidents (known as ‘Mt. Hollywood’ and one of the most photographed landmarks in Branson) located right next to the building. You might also spot Great Ape of Branson dangling from the top of a skyscraper above the museum! The wax museum is one of the only museums in the Midwest devoted entirely to celebrity figures, and it is without question one of the most popular attractions in Branson. The Hollywood Wax Museum originally began as a family business and has now exploded into an internationally known entertainment company. The original Hollywood Wax Museum was built fifty years ago in Hollywood, CA, by Spoony Singh, a man with a dream of bringing people closer to their favorite Hollywood stars and starlets. Today, the original wax museum is still in Hollywood and open for business, and two other locations have been added as well – Pigeon Forge and Branson. So no matter your region, there is a Hollywood Wax Museum close to you! So come on out and play with the stars.

The wax celebrities within the museum are so lifelike and realistic looking you’ll swear they are alive. The figures are created by Hollywood wax artists who form them from plain old globs of wax and clay. It’s a true art form that visitors who know their stars will certainly appreciate. Museum goers can step into the spotlight, so to speak, and take photos of themselves with celebs such as Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Willie Nelson, Michael Jackson, and so many more – you’re sure to find your favorite famous figure here! While wandering through this waxy world of beautiful people, you’ll also have a chance to learn about the stars’ lives, accomplishments, and unique facts about them as people.

Celebrities made from candle material are not the only things you’ll find at the wax museum – next door you’ll find the Castle of Chaos (a big hit with teens), a haunted video game ride with special effects that are guaranteed to make you scream as you and your fellow riders partake in a gun battle against evil ghouls. Another addition to the lineup is Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors – be prepared to get turned around in this maze as you race to save Princess Hannah.

The Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson is open three hundred sixty-five days a year – so you’ll always have an opportunity to schmooze with the stars! The hours do vary depending on the season, so be sure to check out the website or call the museum before planning your trip. Special group pricing rates are available, so be sure to check those out too – and locals can receive a FREE admission on their birthday! You can get more information by visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum Website.

So if you want a little more out of wax than just candles, head on over to the Hollywood Wax Museum – it’s sure to be a star studded experience!