There are few places where the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ is portrayed so beautifully as in the Great Passion Play of the Ozarks. Nestled into the Ozark Mountains in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas, this is an outdoor drama that will leave you inspired. After seeing the play, visit the Christ in the Ozarks statue, the Tabernacle replica, the Bible Museum and an original section of the Berlin Wall that stands as a tribute to those who continued to practice their Christian faith in the face of adversity.

The Play

The Great Passion Play is held in an amphitheater nestled into a picturesque hillside in Eureka Springs. The three stories tall and five hundred-fifty foot wide set truly brings this Biblical story to life. Over one hundred twenty-five actors and actresses, and dozens of birds, three camels, five horses, sheep and donkeys help transport you back over two thousand years ago to relieve, step by step, the majestic story of Jesus Christ.

Christ in the Ozarks

The Christ in the Ozarks statue has overlooked the mountains and stood erect as a symbol of love and hope to the world since 1967. This seven story tall Jesus was built entirely by hand and weighs over two million pounds. The foundation for this sixty-seven foot tall statue is quite literally welded into the rock of the hill on which it sits. The concrete framework is interlaced with steel to ensure that it stands tall for years to come.

The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle in The Wilderness is one of the few life size replicas of Moses’s tabernacle in the world. You’ll feel just as awed as Moses and his followers when you take an in-depth tour and teaching session of this beautifully built and replicated tabernacle. It will give you a new appreciation for the ceremonial aspects of the Old Testament.

The Bible Museum

This truly unique museum is a fascinating look at Bibles through the centuries. The Bible Museum, located at the site of the Great Passion Play, contains more than six thousand Bibles, passed down through generations. The Bibles at the museum are written in six hundred and twenty five different languages, showing how people of different cultures all come together over the Word of God. Over three thousand other artifacts make their home in the museum as well.

The Berlin Wall

An original section of the Berlin Wall, located next to the Church in the Grove, stands tall to pay homage to those in Berlin, and elsewhere, who stand up for Christ in the face of adversity. Upon the ten foot by ten foot section of the wall, an East Berlin resident painted the words of the 23rd Psalm in German – when translated, it reads “Though I walk through the dark valley, I will not fear.”

For an awe inspiring look at Christ and His story, come see the Great Passion Play, and visit the other onsite Biblical attractions – bring your church group or Sunday school class!