Branson Honors Veterans Year-Round

Here at Thousand Hills we are happy to feature the Veteran’s Memorial Museum in Branson, Missouri. The museum is a tribute to all of the wars the United States of America were involved in during the 20th century. The Museum includes ten great halls featuring battles World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and more. Prepare to be humbled and in awe of the things these service men and women did to protect our country. You will see actual uniforms, weapons, stories of POW’s, letters written to family back home, medals, a battlefield organ, planes, and motorcycles. In a town known for honoring veterans, this museum has proven to be one of the most often visited Branson attractions.

All of the different branches in our military are honored through thousands of authentic memorabilia from campaigns, major battlefronts, and industrial defense. You will see murals, sculptures, and historical artifacts. Displayed on the walls of these ten halls are the names of our great service men and women killed in action from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, and more recent conflicts.

Fred Hoppe, an internationally renowned bronze sculptor, traveled all over the world gathering over 2,000 exhibits for the museum. Many families have contributed to the museum passing along the personal stories of their fallen family members while many veterans themselves also contributed. Some of the most amazing pieces are life size bronze sculptures and exquisite murals. One that really stands out is the Tuskegee Airmen Painting, “Red-Tails Strike Again” by Mike Hagel.

Fred created this museum to honor the memory of the men and women of the United States Military along with their descendents who were largely affected by these different wars. He invites you to take a look in the past and to pay tribute to our military.

To find out more about the Branson Veterans Memorial Museum visit their website at For more information, tickets, or lodging reservations for this or other museums in Branson please contact our concierge at Thousand Hills, 800-693-4653, or visit our contact us page above.